Studio West is home to the Live at The Hobby Shop concert series. Check out the news feed on the home page for upcoming show dates.

Studio West is built around Tree Audio console #1 outfitted with 24 custom RE-312 mic/line modules and API 550 EQs accompanied by Pro Tools HD3. It also offers over 30 guitars and basses, with a wide selection of amps and pedals. The control room and live room feature natural lighting and acoustic design by Vincent Van Haaff. Studio West is capable of handling large scale tracking sessions while maintaining isolation with two iso rooms and tie lines into Studio East. Studio West has hosted a wide variety of tracking and mixing sessions, as well as events and filming.

Control Room: 24’L x 18’W
Live Room: 29’L x 19’W x 10½’H
Front Iso Room: 5’L x 16’W
Back Iso Room: 10’L x 9’W