El Haru Kuroi
Since the Spring of 2004 East Los Angeles trio El- Haru Kuroi has developed a powerful, unique style as rooted in Mexican, South American and African melodies and rhythms, as it is influenced by Fugazi and Gang of Four. The rhythm section of Drummer/Percussionist Dominique Rodriguez and Upright Bassist Michael Ibarrra deliver with relentless urgency and swagger, while the Voice and Guitar of Eddika Organista enfold the music with labyrinthine grace and beauty. El-Haru Kuroi released their first album "Sabung" in May of 2007 at a huge party on a rooftop of a building in Downtown L.A.'s Toy District. Since then, the band has been actively playing clubs, parties, in the street-mariachi style, and many community fundraisers. El- Haru Kuroi is at work on its second album "Cantagallo" due for Release in Fall 2010 http://www.myspace.com/harukuroi

El Haru Kuroi performed at Live at the Hobby Shop #8