Demo Team
A veritable "musical group of the nations", the band's classically trained double bassist spent most of his childhood in southern Italy, Italia Meridionale, while it's fiddler (classical composer and son of famed Austrian fine artist, Gottfried Helnwien) was brought up along the breadth of Europe, from Ireland to Austria. Their guitarist and vocalizor, J. Green grew up on the outskirts of Bixby, TX where he left school at an early age to pursue some of the finer things in life. Los Angeles, 2005 - at a time of scarce musical inspiration, these three individuals converge in a complementary trinity. They seem to share enough in the way of musical affinity (with inspirations including everything from Bach to Ravel, Doc Watson to ODB) to collaborate healthily while simultaneously bringing each his own distinct traits to the table, resulting in a greater than the sum of it's parts fashion. The group attributes it's name, at least in part, to T. Tucci's first job, working the crane for a tenement demolition company. In 2007, they set out to record their first album and what would become the heftiest piece of audio sculpture they have undertaken to date. Recorded autonomously and entirely within the walls of J. Green's bedroom, under trial and error, learn as you mix circumstances, a final concoction had emerged: 15 Colors. Instrumentation includes fiddle, sax, flute, banjo, ukelele, synthesizer (to name a few) while lyrical content brings forth internalized concepts of the various echelons of the exterior world, often of an abstract nature and subject to manifold meaning and interpretation. The document was the result of long hours, exuberant spontaneity, hard-earned knowledge and flat out desperation. Riddled with imperfection and commercial faux pas, the record stands on it's own, apart from main-stream over-production techniques and commonly accepted practices as a beacon of sincerity.

Demo Team performed at Live at the Hobby Shop #7